Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg Film Funding and Local Marketing Relaunched.

The Initial Situation

The Medienboard sees itself as a first point of contact for the creative film and media industry in Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition to the traditional field of film promotion, location marketing also plays an important and substantially versatile role.

The Medienboard's ( site had grown significantly in the years. An online corporate design only rudimentary available. The content-rich site was presented in a very unorganized and ramified structure. From news releases to events, everything seemed to almost overflow. Result: Abundance yes, but no clear overview.

Workshop Outcomes

"No longer so much content. Just getting more to the point," was the message we heard from managers and department heads. To that, we added the point of making the Medienboard visible as a competent and confident brand. And suggested compressing the contents of the core competencies on the homepage.

The Medienboard's new start page
Filterable reports - left on a smartphone, right in desktop view.


We made the visual language very clear and orderly. The brand is stable and modern. The overall design is based on the core colors and image areas. The Spartan-looking background opens the stage for effective images of the funded projects. The flexible grid allows a page-based configuration and prioritization of content by the editors.  

User Management & Implementation

The structure of the site is as diverse as before. Squeezing it all together did not seem very productive to us. Instead, we gave it space to offer a clear overview without a lot of clicking and typing on overview pages, which are mainly dedicated to the navigation, as well as on all devices and screen sizes.

The Search

We allocated the search feature a more prominent place in the screen design and overall navigational concept. In addition to the comprehensive and sectoral faceted search options, users are effectively lead by the editorial curated keywords to most popular or especially featured content.

The Programming

Initially the project was programmed in a responsive HTML prototype, in which the design and behavior of the site and its elements were optimized and on the basis of which it was then translated into TYPO3.

Hosting of the site is operated on the basis of a performance managed server, including monitoring, backups, security and functional updates, and performance optimization.

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Project details

  • Branch: Entertainment, Games
  • Realisation: 5 months
  • Technology: HTML5, TYPO3
  • Work: consulting, usability optimization, screen design / HTML prototyping, front-end and back-end programming, extension development, hosting
  • Specialities: responsive, multilingual