Gameforge Corporate Website Gameforge makes games and now looks like it, too.

The Task

Gameforge is quite big in MMOs, Massively Multiplayer Online Games. That's what we learned when we came into contact with the company for the first time. More than 400 million registered players dive daily into the worlds of more than 20 games that are localized in over 50 languages.

When looking at the old company site you would never have suspected that.

This is where our mission derived from. Gameforge wanted a corporate website that carries the spirit of their company within each pixel.

Our Approach

After a little trial and error, it quickly became clear to us - nothing feels more like a game, than a game world. Accordingly, we incorporated and animated some of the artwork from Gameforge games to help bring the presentation of the company come to life.

Gameforge Slideshow

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UX Design

  • The corporate site designed by us uses the worlds of Gameforge games to charge up the company with atmosphere.
  • Unlike the old site with its immense depth of content, the new corporate website focuses on five decentralized overview pages and their corresponding subpages.
  • A balanced mix of text, structuring elements, images and videos help the overview pages to appear lighter and encourage the various target groups to become more engaged. Especially the coveted potential employees.
  • On the overview page, as well as the subpages, the content is compressed. Similar content remains close together and allows for a compact representation with extremely short distances.


Up to that point, Other than the logo, there was no corporate design. Building on the logos color, we developed a concise online corporate design giving the game worlds a framework, which gives informative support.

Design Slideshow

Filterable overview of the games
Floating elements give structure and provide variety.
Graphical teasers break up, pull in the content areas.

The technical implementation

The site was created with WordPress. Plugins were specially developed to facilitate the creative individuality and functional complexity of the site. External services such as newsletters were added. We find that WordPress, beyond the ancestral blog domain, can absolutely prove its potential as an effective CMS for news-oriented corporate sites with this website.

The site is responsive and largely bilingual. The implementation took place within 3.5 months.

Project details

  • URL:
  • Customer: Gameforge AG
  • Branch: Games
  • Realisation: 3.5 months
  • Technology: WordPress
  • Work: concept, screen design, front-end and back-end programming, plugin development