All new: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz – reworked and with „Newswall“


Actually... the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz/Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation creates a constant stream of interesting information. Especially if you consider the works and the news of all the accompanying museums, archives and institutions.

On the old website this vibrant stream of content could only to be guessed.

This is why cosmoblonde has revised the main introductional area of the site during the partial relaunch fundamentally.

The new key element is an editorially controllable „Newswall“.

This TYPO3 extension developed by cosmoblonde allows it to include in-house news and events as well as those of the affiliate institutions dynamically and with a consistent design via automated RSS import on a magazine-like surface.

Thus, with all the news and events the foundation as a whole has to offer, a constantly updated stream of information on culture and activity is created.

„The Newswall refreshes the SPK-Website in every aspect, it is a great benefit for us: For the first time we can show on one site what is currently happening at the foundation and its five institutions.“, praises Hermann Parzinger, president of the foundation.

In addition to the current contents, the „Newswall“ offers a place to accommodate some of the more timeless contents like teasers for the new theme dossiers, image galleries or links to essential publications.

The dossier feature is an editorial format which offers an in depth access to current topics of the foundation. The design and the structure is diverse and invites you, together with the quarterly publication of the „SPK Magazin“, to deepen your knowledge on the foundations contents.

You can learn more about the current dossiers „Humboldt Forum“, „Home“ or „Busoni“ here.

We are very happy about the development of this versatile extension whose greatest strength lies in the creation of complex and strong weboffers that are editorially supervised. The „Newswall“ offers a flexible, adaptable grid of magazine-like teaser-elements. Editorial contents and contents from external sources can be added automated or manually.

Thus the editors can set individual priorities, orchestrate the stream of information and automate it partially. To make contents furthermore explorable for the user, we have replaced our previous TYPO3 search with a solr-based full-text search.

Experience the almost new site:

Live! Gladizon: the shop that gives.


We are very pleased that Andreas von Rostkron approached us to work on the development of the name and logo, and also assisted in the implementation of his visionary shop model on an advisory and technical level. Corporate social responsibility is often something of a PR fig leaf, but with Gladizon this really is part of the organisation’s DNA where there is a genuine willingness to give something back from the profits of their success.

This sounds like something that many find easy to say, however in this case it really does happen consistently each time an item is sold. This is fantastically revolutionary!


Setting up the Gladizon Shop was a very rewarding challenge for us. 

It is a classic shop model in terms of interface, user experience and user flow and it has been developed to be particularly inviting and easy to use. In addition, the opportunities to donate and select a specific project have been embedded directly within the shopping process. 


In the past few months we have developed a highly customisable shop for private and business customers based on Shopware 5, which is completely tailored to the special features offered by Gladizon. 


Ready! Interactive visualisation of energy flows and energy balances in Berlin-Brandenburg for BTU Cottbus


We have developed the “Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Window” application on behalf of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus. This is an interactive and responsive application, which enables the influencing factors, dependencies and effects of very different events and situations that occur in the electricity network to be visualised, recorded and presented.

How much energy is being generated in a given place, where is there a high load and where a low? What impact do different events and conditions have on power generation and load, for example the loss of one or several conventional power stations, high production with low usage at weekends or also meteorological events such as storms, depressions or clear blue skies? How do renewable energies perform on the different voltage levels in the distribution and transmission networks?

These and related questions can be visualised in the resulting presentation application on an interactive map with the aid of various display options, settings and filters. 

Interesting features:

  • The map accesses historical data from the network operators for the visualisation, which are automatically imported into the system on a daily basis. 
  • The data can then be played back in real time for a freely selectable time period.  
  • An optional chart display shows (depending on the time) the curve progression of the measured data.
  • All settings can be saved as scenarios and are available during a presentation with one simple mouse click.
  • All map views (Berlin-Brandenburg, transmission grid, distribution network, transformer stations etc.) are based on georeferenced data and can be easily extended. 

First impressions here, complete presentations in the visitor centre at BTU Cottbus.

Image captions:

On the basis of historical data, relationships between renewable energy generation and energy consumption in the Berlin-Brandenburg region can be visualised in relation to meteorological events and other situations.

The chart display visualises the measured values and their development over a specified period of time. 

The different network levels can be optionally shown with their respective power flows, power feeds and consumption.

The display can be customised according to the respective presentation content by means of various filter settings.

[] Darstellung von Zusammenhängen zwischen Stromerzeugung und -verbrauch
[Translate to en:] Anhand historischer Daten können Zusammenhänge zwischen erneuerbarer Stromerzeugung und dem Stromverbrauch in der Region Berlin-Brandenburg in Abhängigkeit zu meteorologischen und anderen Ereignissen dargestellt werden.
[] zeitbasierte Chart-Darstellung
[Translate to en:] Die Chartansicht visualisiert die Messwerte und ihre Entwicklung über einen festgelegten Zeitraum.
[] Ansicht mit verschiedenen Netzebenen
[Translate to en:] Optional können die verschiedenen Netzebenen mit ihren jeweiligen Leistungsflüssen, Einspeisungen und Verbräuchen dargestellt werden.
[] Ansicht mit geöffneten Filtern
[Translate to en:] Mithilfe verschiedener Filter-Einstellungen kann die Ansicht dem jeweiligen Präsentationsinhalt angepasst werden.

Live: website for the new museum building at the Berlin Kulturforum


The best design for the construction of a new building for the Nationalgalerie’s collection of 20th century art is currently being sought through a multi-stage process.

As of today, the website that details the museum’s construction at the Kulturforum can be found at: 

The site provides information on what will be included in the museum when it is built, the competition process for the new building and presents the Kulturforum as a place of culture and science. It will follow the planning and construction process of the new museum building until it is opened and will provide valuable insights into the latest events. 

cosmoblonde designed and implemented the responsive and barrier free website with TYPO3 based on a layout by ART+COM. Please feel free to take a look.

Landing page live: Gladizon - the shop that gives.


A completely novel approach to shopping is the concept behind Gladizon. When private or business customers make a purchase, they are able to select a fundraising project which then receives a financial donation. The shop relinquishes a percentage of its profit and transfers this to the selected fundraising project. This is corporate social responsibility directly embedded within the company’s business model. 
The Gladizon landing page is now available online and provides further information and the declaration of intent. In the final quarter of 2016, the Gladizon shop, which is based on Shopware 5, will go live. Please follow this link for further information.

[] Gladizon Logo and Subline "Smart.Social.Shopping"
Wort-, Bildmarke und Subline entwickelt von cosmoblonde.

Status report: creation of an interactive map application for BTU Cottbus


The specialist field of energy distribution and high-voltage engineering researched at the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus, under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald, is demonstrating through the “SMART Capital Region” project how renewable energy surpluses from Brandenburg can be used in the region in and around the capital city. An integral component of this research project is intended to be an interactive map application on which the generator-load-situation in the electricity supply network in the Berlin and Brandenburg area can be visualised in freely selectable time periods.

The contract to develop the conceptual and design elements of this application, as well as its technical implementation, was awarded to cosmoblonde through an open public tender.

The core element of the application is an interactive map, which is able to visualise specific moments from the generator-load-situation in the region with the aid of various display options, settings and filters, in order to illustrate the connections between meteorological conditions, electricity production and usage.

The data visualisation is being implemented with D3.js, a JavaScript library used to visualise and animate data-based documents.

Live: The new website of Bureau Dr. Vogel


Dr. Markus Vogel and his team consult private and public clients in economic, strategic and developmental issues of the real estate industry.  

The more complex the surrounding conditions the better.

To put these and other core messages in a nutshell, and in a lively vocabulary, marked the beginning of cosmoblondes counselling for Bureau Dr. Vogel’s new website.

Following the thought of a traditional UX approach we started by clarifying the direction of communication strategy, devised gists and goals for different target groups and their requirements, and sharpened the communicative profile. 

The result is a website with a compact structure, content-strong pages and its own typographic and visual language.

Technical implementation was done with TYPO3 by the Berlin-based agency 2raumwelten.

We ha been impressed by Dr. Vogel and his team by their skill to comprehend, their willingness to take responsibility, and their passion to bring complex constellations to the best mutual result.  Maybe you will feel the same.

This way to Bureau Dr. Vogel’s new website

Our way of understanding - why we are being commissioned - easy recognition of sender and benefit.

New: Online shop with a bonus based on Shopware 5


After intensive consultation cosmoblonde has been commissioned by a Frankfurt-based start-up client to create an innovative shop concept.

Promising a convincing USP the shops implementation will be based on Shopware 5.

After the implementation of we feel privileged to create another ambitious and character-strong shop concept.

Relaunch: International Tracing Service


The International Tracing Service (ITS) at Bad Arolsen is a centre for the documentation, information and research of Nazi persecution, forced labour and the Holocaust. Its extensive archive assists enquiries by survivors, next of kin as well as scientists and interested parties and preserves the memory of the victims.

During the extensive relaunch of the four-language-site we fundamentally revised the information architecture, the user experience and the design of the website. The result is a modern, responsive website which focuses on the necessities of its users and invites them to use the services of ITS. Short ways lead users quickly to their goal.

To the new ITS website

To preserve commemoration and to give next of kin and members of the public access to it – the core duties of the International Tracing Service.

New: The Look Beautiful Magazine


Gifts, expert tips and revealing insight information – now in Look Beautiful’s new online magazine, the shop for selected beauty products.

The categories beauty, health, wellness and food offer tips, background and inspiration to give the day and oneself that little bit more beauty. Concept, design and technical realisation by cosmoblonde.

Click here for the magazine

A look into the new Look Beautiful Magazine - what’s new to discover?

Relaunch: Stromnetz Berlin


Stromnetz Berlin is the operator of Berlin’s power grid and its facilities. Around the clock it makes sure that the city of Berlin and its citizens won’t be in the dark. A responsible and technically highly complex task which makes a simple phrase like „electricity comes out of the socket“ remain true.

During the relaunch, together with our client, we developed a responsive online corporate design which emphasises the corporation’s functionality and independence and offers easy access to its quite complex core theme.

Relaxed access points visualise Stromnetz Berlin’s business area and field of action, and invite to explore the site. Animated info graphics illustrate the sometimes complex concepts.

Players, functions, processes - what’s a smart grid made of?

Relaunch: Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg


In 2014 Berlin-Brandenburg’s central contact point for creatives from the film and media business commissioned us to completely relaunch their web site.

Based on their logo we created a responsive online corporate design which gives a home to information, structure to the vast navigation and a stage to the sponsored projects. The striking, image-heavy start page is completely reduced to Medienboard’s core capabilities.

To begin with we created a responsive HTML prototype in order to optimise the site, and its elements, design and behaviour, which then became the basis for the translation into TYPO3. 

Click here for the website

Reduced to the maximum - entry points on Medienboard’s new start page.

Relaunch: Magnolia Newsroom


Already in 2012 we developed a TYPO3-based Newsroom for a major international online mail order company. Initially for Germany, France, Spain and Italy followed suit.

In 2015 we had to relaunch these newsrooms with the JAVA-based enterprise CMS Magnolia as well as update content and design.

What’s new?

  • In terms of the content the newsroom puts more emphasis on the company’s products and digital offers.
  • In terms of the design the company’s new corporate design was adapted to the requirements of a newsroom as well as extended for responsive display.
  • During development the Apache Solr-based search engine had a high significance to render easy access to the database content.
  • All the shop’s available products are integrated via API access. This means they can be experienced and ordered in the real shopping environment.
  • With the “wishlist” interesting product information, press releases and images can be combined for later use and be downloaded in a package.

With Magnolia, a high-performing, scalable JAVA-Enterprise CMS was applied which satisfies both the high compliance requirements of the corporate IT standards, and the requirements for long-term investment security. The newsroom is hosted via cosmoblonde in a fully virtual environment including load-balancing, performance monitoring, fallback scenarios, and both incremental and snapshot backups.

We moved! cosmoblonde now in Engeldamm


After 10 years in Leuschnerdamm we have now moved to Engeldamm 20 in 10179 Berlin – a little closer to the river Spree and towards Mitte. Not far away, but completely different ;-)

Do you want to see where we are now?